You may be wondering how long the postpartum period lasts. Let’s talk about this for a moment.

In the United States, Medical Professionals state that the postpartum period is from the time of birth up to 6 weeks after the birth. However, to me and many maternal wellness professionals we consider the Postpartum period to last a lifetime. You will always be postpartum.

Wait, let’s go back a little.

The most common time for postpartum issues to arise are within the first year after childbirth. Our bodies and minds do not miraculously heal after the first 6 weeks. There is still a hard yet amazing adjustment period coming to get back to our “new normal” Once we reach the new normal we can safely say our postpartum period is over. When i say it lasts a lifetime above I mean we will always have our babies even when they are 4, 16, 21, and into their adult years.

If you are experiencing any postpartum related concerns or just want to talk about what you are going through feel free to reach out to Postpartum Support International. I am also a volunteer with them and hold monthly meetings at our local library. My direct line for Postpartum International Support is (551) 258-3666 or email at  Support Group


Parenting Is Messy & Beautiful

I just LOVE everything about this booklet…Download it today!

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Create your own positive affirmations!

I love that I _______________________. I am getting really good at ____________. Every day I realize that _______________. No one ____________________ like I do. Today I have ______________________. I value my ________________________. My _________________ is my greatest quality as a mother. I am successfully learning to ___________. I find time every day to _______________. I focus on ____________________ today. Today is the best because ____________.

I get by…

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John Lennon had it right, who knew it even applied to Parenthood as well!?

Have you considered and listed everyone in your life that may be able to help you and your family out when the baby arrives? Let’s give it a try now!

When was the last time you contacted Auntie Welda? Give her a call and re-connect. Family members are going to play a very important role in getting you the help that you need in those first few weeks. Now, I’m not talking about having help with holding and feeding the baby. You got that! I mean helping with laundry, dishes, cooking meals, and grocery shopping.

During this time you will find that well meaning people will ask how they can help. Make a list of how, non immediate, family may help. You may politely ask for a meal for Thursday night. Most helpers won’t expect to hang around but if they would like to check in to see how baby, mommy, and daddy are doing that is OK if you are feeling up for it. Remember, you may always place a cap on how long a visitor stays at your home. Fifteen minutes is a great place to start.

If you are uncomfortable with asking for help or even feel to busy to then enlist the help of a Postpartum Doula. We can create this list of friends and family together and I will help coordinate a network and train of help for you. We are not ashamed to send an email, facebook message, or even an event (getting techy!) asking for help. You deserve it!

Breaks are not a luxury, they are a necessity.

Why is my Baby crying?

Babies cry for many many reasons. They may be cold, hot, uncomfortable, a dirty diaper, or even over-tired.

In the class I teach at Babies R Us every month; we talk about how to decipher these cries. Using Pricilla Dunstan’s Baby Language ( we are able to try and understand what our baby is trying to tell us.  Once you hear these cries and are able to differentiate between them your newborn baby phase becomes so much easier.

The 5 words we learn are:


“Owh” – Think of a baby yawning and how they open their little mouths to an O shape


“Eairh” – Just pooping or has gas coming out the bottom

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“Eh” – Upper gas and baby needs a burping. This burping technique showed in the picture is the “Over the Hand” technique and used most often with newborns.


“Neh” – “I’m Hungry!!!!” This cry is the ultimate signal that a baby needs to be fed. Before crying babies will give hunger cues such as smacking lips, sucking, and rooting.


“Heh” – This cry means baby is uncomfortable. I find this is the cry you may hear most in the car seat. Could also mean dirty diaper, is cold, or has pain.

These are just the basics of the cries. Pricilla Dunstan has some amazing DVD’s and videos to help you learn more! You may also call me and we can troubleshoot together!

Also join me at Babies R Us every Second Thursday evening of the month. You may sign up for FREE at Babies R Us.





Merry Christmas, Baby!

I wanted to take some time to share a few tips on how to get through Baby’s First Christmas this year.


The holidays, in general, can be a hectic time for families. There is gift buying, gift giving, gift returning, dinners, Santa pictures, parties, & traveling. At times, a lot of traveling. If your family is celebrating this year with a newborn, you may be wondering how you can juggle all of those Christmas joys while caring for your newborn and yourself. The key to a happy holiday season is just that, taking time to care your yourself, your family, and your newborn. The rest is just the star on the tree.

Here are a few tips to make it seem a little smoother…

9720dbd570abebcf858a3dd341939f09Shop Online :

Keeping in mind of delivery times, order your gifts online. This not only saves you time but it may save your sanity of going out during the Christmas rush with your newborn. There is no need to rush while shopping online and can be done in your jammies while drinking hot cocoa and nursing your little. Cozy and done.

mymomTime for Family & Friends:

 Ask family and friends to visit you so that you don’t have to spend valuable resting time travelling to and from relatives and friends. Most family members and friends would be delighted to be gifted with a task to help the family or care for the baby while you rest or catch up on some last minute things…like Zzzzz’s. Some things family and friends can do are wrapping presents, shopping for little easy items, and helping make a meal or even sitting with you and your family enjoying some baby smiles and hot cocoa. Christmas, after all, is about LOVE.

giftGift Yourself: 

Be kind to yourself, you may still be healing and we all know that you are a little tired. Gift yourself some time. Time to reflect and enjoy this special time with your family. Time to rest and rejuvenate. Take it slowly, ask friends and family to respect your wishes, and enjoy a precious first Christmas with your equally as precious baby.

However you celebrate Christmas time this year, make sure you consider your needs, the needs of your family, and the needs of your baby.  Newborn babies are generally very flexible when they are very young so as long as you are taking care of yourself, all should be well!

 Merry Christmas!

The Butler Family